About us

We are professionals with a long career in telecommunications. In IoT2Latam we design, develop and implement innovative M2M Solutions using the concept of IoT (Internet of Things).

Our Mission

Generate value for our customers and society with an innovative and efficient management services and solutions in telecommunications.

Our Vision

To be a reference in the Central American region in services and solutions M2M, IoT, telecommunications and in construction of "state-of-the-art" that allows our customers to develop, grow and confront permanent changes

What We Offer?

Advice and consultancy

  • Mobile networks, WiFi, LoRaWan, SigFox, etc.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Projects and technical support
  • Field Operation & Manager
  • Sales & Commercial
  • Training


  • Customized Telecommunications Solutions
  • Infrastructure solutions in 3G / 4G, broadband and FTTH (indoor / Outdoor)
  • Hybrid energy solutions
  • Mimetic Cabinets
  • Solutions for DataCenters

IoT Solutions

  • Monitoring of power generators
  • Remote Temperature Monitoring
  • Meteorological stations, (weather stations)
  • Agriculture Monitoring and Smart Farms
  • Predictive Analysis in Production Processes
  • Fuel and energy control
  • GPS and Fleet Management
  • and much more!!!

Our Partners

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Contiguo a Residencial Santa Cruz, Calle Principal, Aldea las Casitas

Tegucigalpa - Honduras